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【生姜韧发头皮洗发精 760ml】(柠檬草味)

- 活络×强韧×调理

- 深层洁净.强韧牢固

- 清除阻塞污垢

- 头发柔顺亮丽

- 粹取生姜及柠檬香成份


【Ginger Shampoo 760ml】(Lemongrass fragrance)

This hair shampoo has ginger extract that can reduce hair loss and help strengthen hair by increasing blood circulation on scalp to stimulate hair growth. It also thoroughly remove impurities of the scalp and help reduce itchiness. The moisturising effect of the shampoo can improve dryness and make hair soft and silky. The hint of lemongrass scent is soothing and refreshing.

【生姜粒子护发素 760ml】(柠檬草味)






【Ginger Particle Conditioner 760ml】(Lemongrass Flavor)

-Activity × toughness × conditioning

-Deep cleansing. Strong and firm

-Supple and bright hair

-Extract ginger and lemon scent ingredients

Nourish hair roots, cleanse deeply, extract ginger liquid, every drop of maintenance essence comes from ginger plant research extract, visible particles, deeply penetrate into the core to fully repair damaged hair, so that it will appear moisturized and shiny Super toughness, rich in amino acids, can promote hair metabolism, high moisture retention, can effectively lock in moisture and nutrients.

【生姜美肌沐浴乳 760ml】(柠檬草味)






【Ginger Shower Gel 760ml】(Lemon Grass fragrance)

Keep skin firm and full of elasticity Translucent, watery and elastic Extract ginger and lemon scent Help metabolize dead skin cells In every bath, you can feel the gentle cleansing of ginger plant extracts, while replenishing the skin's required moisture and a variety of nutrients, rich and delicate foam and gentle lingering around the body, confidently showing the charming beauty of softness and elasticity, and a variety of precious moisturizing ingredients make the skin moist and hydrated. Improve elastic skin.