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Double Power Super Jishi Neng Lutein Light Vegetarian Capsules
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📢 According to research by the National Institutes of Health in the United States, the optimal ratio of lutein to zeaxanthin is 10mg : 2mg, which is why you often hear about the "10:2" ratio.

📢 Lutein is one of over 600 natural carotenoids found in plants, belonging to the group of xanthophylls. It is a pigment essential for photosynthesis. While abundant in leafy green vegetables, the human body cannot synthesize it and must obtain it from food.

📢 Lutein is predominantly found in vegetables and plant-based foods such as lettuce, spinach, pumpkin, and peas.

📢 It acts as a potent natural antioxidant, protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals, and filters more than 90% of blue light wavelengths, thus helping prevent eye damage.

🆚 There are two main types of commercially available lutein: esterified and free form. Here’s a comparison:

🛑 Free Form:

  • Predominant in natural foods.
  • Smaller molecular weight, about half that of esterified form.
  • Absorbed directly in the small intestine without requiring digestion, leading to higher average absorption rates (23% higher) and five times higher bioavailability compared to the esterified form.
  • Studies published in various medical journals confirm its effective absorption by the eyes, increasing Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD).

🛑 Esterified Form (Lutein Esters):

  • Larger molecular weight due to fatty components.
  • Requires digestion with pancreatic enzymes to convert into free lutein and fatty acids before absorption.
  • Less suitable for individuals with poor digestion or gastrointestinal issues.

【Focus Uni Extensive Vision Lutein Features】

⭐ Comprehensive Formula: Brilliance × Nutrition × Circulation

⭐ Optimal Ratio: Lutein : Zeaxanthin = 10 : 2

⭐ Significant Additions: Includes 5 patents + enhanced absorption in free form

⭐ Suitable for: Students, vegetarians, office workers, digital device users, elderly

⭐ No excipients

⭐ Insured for 50 million products liability, ensuring peace of mind in consumption

【Focus Uni Extensive Vision Lutein Patents】

✅ Brilliance

  • U.S. Patent: 75mg marigold extract (free form lutein)
  • U.S. Patent: 22.5mg marigold extract (free form zeaxanthin)

✅ Nutrition

  • International Patents: Extracts of astaxanthin, green mint, microalgae DHA+EPA

✅ Circulation

  • New Zealand black currant AT35 anthocyanins 35% extract
  • EFLA® red grape leaf extract
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