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★ max 3 times per day,everyone has prize(100 ha coin required) ★

★ max 3 times per day,everyone has prize(100 ha coin required) ★

HaWooo Message
HaWooo Message
What is Ha Coin?

Ha Coin is the exclusive currency of HaWooo. 100 Ha Coins is equal to RM 1 and can be used to pay for orders directly. There is no present consumption limit; you can spend the Ha Coins you earned separately or all at once for order fee deduction. But remember to use it within three months after collection. It will be a pity if the Ha Coins are expired.

I want it! How do I get it?

As a HaWooo member, you earn Ha Coins for every RM you spend. For example, if you spend RM 300 this month, you will receive 300 Ha Coins, and so on.

Ha Coin Pro Tips!

You can also test your luck! After logging in online every day, you get to play the [Ha Coins Lucky Spin Wheel]Spin the Wheel for a guaranteed prize, each spin costs only 100 Ha Coins, and you even have the chance to win RM 100 ,Ready? Let's Go!

1. Each spin costs only 100 Ha Coins, and each member gets 3 spins per day, but you are welcome to visit us every day!

2. The spinning system is random, so everyone has a chance to hit the jackpot.

3. Award description
- Black Card 1mth: Enjoy 5 times ha coin rebate and 1v1 exclusive customer service on the 1st of the next month, birthday gift is not included.
- Get RM 2 credit: Get RM 2 shopping credit, system will transfer directly, can check it in "My Credits".
- Get 50 point: Total spending amount directly increases by RM 50, can check it in "My Card".

4. reserves the right of final interpretation in the event of natural disasters or main power outages. Thank you for understanding!